Onomatopoeias are a wonderful thing.

Funny, I thought the next song I was going to be completely addicted to would be less, shall we say, embarassing? 90s? Horrifically cheesy? And let’s not even get to the disturbingly garish and kitschy music video.

In terms of structure, “Witch Doctor” is an interesting song: a continuous, upbeat melody  with bits of bizarre sounds (boings, kissy sounds, spontaneous a cappella, horrendous caricatures of Elvis, etc.) thrown in for the hell of it.  Let’s be honest here though: it’s a very irritating, repetitive song, with absolutely no musical or emotional value.

But as the title indicates it, onomatopoeias are a wonderful thing: the sheer idiocy and incoherence of the song, I think, is what makes it so catchy. The silliness of the chorus, you could say, is really the core of the song: had it made sense, it would be a boring, run-of-the-mill dance song. But it doesn’t, and instead we have a universally known song, used in dance recitals, pathetic excuses for movies, and many other kinds of questionable media that I will not cite, for everyone’s sake.

I can imagine this post might induce postively incredulous reactions at the song I chose (I apologize profusely, Kmi), but all I really have to say is this: ooh eeh ooh aah aah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang.


P.S: As you’ve probably imagined, especially from having watched all the links, I’ve become thoroughly sick of this song. Onomatopoeias are a wonderful thing, but only on a strictly temporary basis.


~ by thetunarhythm on April 24, 2009.

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