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Song for the sudden urge to dance like one was possessed (or as though one is having one hell of an epileptic fit)  and maybe even sing some nonsensical lyrics:

Boom Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) by Paul Lekakis (I just had to)

Sex Machine (Club Mix) by N-Gels (I also think the association with Tom Felton is all too perfect ^^)

I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) by Pitbull

Rich Girls by The Virgins

Can You Hear Me by Enrique Iglesias

Jai Ho by A.R. Rahman (this link gives the original Hindi version, as well as an access to the English version. I think the English version is good, but personally I prefer the original by a lot, mostly because I think that the English version is an incredibly pointless “remix”, if you can call it that. I also happen to dislike PCD, but that’s just me 😀).

Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy

Despre Tine by O-Zone (I happen to think this is the bounciest and kinkiest dance video ever made. In fact, so inspired was I, that I made my own pointless half-assed medley video to it, which, if you care to, you can watch here).

DVNO by Justice

Scatman (Radio Edit) by Scatman John

Lean On Me by Club Nouveau (this is an incredibly happy and peppy cover of Bill Withers’ 1972 hit. This is the 5-minute remix made for the Greatest Hits album. Personally, I prefer the original 3-minute 1987 one, but I couldn’t find that one)

Forever Young (Dance Remix) by D.J. Sammy (I normally dislike remixes of timelessly cheesy classics, especially ones that give the voice what I like to call the “hamster” effect, but this remix is highly addictive).

Songs for walks through the park, the city, etc:

O Valencia! by The Decemberists

The Underdog by Spoon

Keep The Car Running by Arcade Fire

I Will Dare by The Replacements (forgive the crappy quality, it was the best version I could find).

The Blues Are Still Blue by Belle & Sebastian

This Charming Man (London Version) by The Smiths

I Found A Way by Drake Bell (Here really for nostalgia’s sake: been growing up on him since 1998. Insanely catchy and pointless song too. :D)

I Love to Boogie by T.Rex (the movie Billy Elliot also happens to be one of my favorites, I definitely recommend it).

Baba O’Riley by The Who

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Wrapped Up In Books by Belle & Sebastian

Time For Heroes by The Libertines

Turn On Me by The Shins

L’Effet Papillon by Bénabar [his eyes will pierce your soul]

Another Travelin’ Song by Bright Eyes

Funny Little Frog by Belle & Sebastian

Two Young Lovers by Dire Straits

Songs for an upbeat mellow mood:

Island In The Sun by Weezer

Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sebastian (tragically, I couldn’t find the original, but I find this to be a pretty brilliant cover. Nonetheless, I must say that the original has no comparison).

A Night Like This by The Cure (this is a rather lethargic live version: the recorded one is a bit peppier and more fast-pace. Still, they are spectacular live.)

Time To Pretend by MGMT

Arctic Outcry Wind by Josiah Leming

I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats

Stop Me If You Think That You\’ve Heard This One Before by The Smiths

Mambo Sun by T.Rex

Karma Police by Radiohead

Imagine by John Lennon

Hey by Pixies

Rhthm & Soul by Spoon

How To Save A Life by The Fray (Normally, I dislike fanvids and find them pointless, and normally, I don’t particularly like The Fray. However, the song is absolutely perfect for the movie Dead Poets Society, a movie I definitely recommend, and the video is absolutely marvelous).

Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

Bruises by Chairlift (the vid really illuminates the fact that it’s about something other than attempting handstands and failing miserably *wink wink* XD)

Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

The Bleeding Heart Show by The New Pornographers

If You Find Yourself Caught In Love by Belle & Sebastian

Songs to jump around and singly loudly to:

Kids by MGMT (this also happens to be one of my favorite unofficial music videos, so take some time to watch it: it’s incredibly well done)

Bang A Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex

Head On by The Jesus and Mary Chain

PDA by Interpol

Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Matador by Mickey 3D

Dashboard by Modest Mouse

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) by Arcade Fire

Two-Way Romeo by The Bang Bang (this song is off the soundtrack of arguably the weirdest and most grotesque film ever made, Brothers of the Head: it is an extremely good and incredibly fascinating movie that I absolutely recommend, with incredibly talented and gorgeous twins as the main characters to top it all off, but is not, I must warn, for the weak-hearted).

Songs for taking it slow:

Lost Cause by Beck

First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes

Lord Anthony by Belle & Sebastian

There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out by The Smiths

Stars Of Track & Field by Belle & Sebastian (sadly, I couldn’t find a good live version, which is always better than the recorded version. I recommend the live version of this song, and the album it’s from, If You’re Feeling Sinister).

Poison Oak by Bright Eyes

If You’re Feeling Sinister by Belle & Sebastian

Landlocked Blues by Bright Eyes

New Slang by The Shins

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley



~ by thetunarhythm on June 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “~THE PLAYLIST (SO FAR)~”

  1. Sounds good.

    Few suggestions:

    Rise – Bonnie Bailey
    Rise – Samantha James (different one)
    Candy in the Sun – Swirl 360
    Showbiz Kids – Ricki Lee Jones
    Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Acrobats – Moony
    Just close your eyes – Waterproof Blondes
    California Dreaming Benny Bennasi

    Let me know what you think.

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