Gold teeth and a curse for this town: a tribute to The Shins.

Turn On Me by The Shins

As Kmi so eloquently put it about Siouxsie & The Banshees’ “Hong Kong Garden”, such a bright, refreshing song.

The Shins are a quirky indie band with a sound that all the cheer of The Beatles, yet a profound absurdity and darkness reminescent of The Cure. That’s just the feel one gets when listening to their songs: their sound is completely their own. James Russell Mercer’s melodious voice, absurd and poetic lyrics (see Red Rabbits), multi-dimensional intrumental use, ranging from acoustic guitars to synthesizers, (see Sleeping Lessons) and marvelous, but very weird music videos (see pretty much any song) make of the band one of the greatest, possibly the greatest, contemporary American indie band. As someone who looks to the past for her music more than anywhere else, this is enormously refreshing: a new, modern sound is like a cool breeze underneath a sweltering sun (excuse my lame metaphor: I desperately wanted to avoid being cliché and saying “a breath of fresh air”).

What makes me still more glad is that they have dabbled somewhat in mainstream music’s roaring waters, with the use of their beautiful ballad New Slang in Zach Braff’s 2004 film “Garden State”. Well, relatively speaking: the movie, despite critical acclaim, remains a bit in the dark. Still, one point for those who listen to obscure music.

Hmm. This was supposed to be about a single song by another band: instead I’ve written a tribute to them, albeit a succinct one. No matter, it’s not really a bad thing at all, seeing as they’ve been what I’ve been listening to the most nowadays, in light of my all-nighters for finishing up my stories and watching movies (and, despite enormously enjoying these things, I always find some way or another to procrastinate. *waggles righteous finger at self*).

As a final word about The Shins to conclude rather hastily (I can almost feel my writing scream at me. Why yes, I am insane.), all I can really say is: enjoy.



~ by thetunarhythm on July 23, 2009.

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