The concept.

Two words: music/discovery.

Music discovery.

Frankly, the both of us are tired of hearing the same old synthesized jack on our iTunes, our radio stations (no dials, we have iPods now), and we’ve decided to speak about it.

We feel they’re many people like ourselves out there, who want to crank up better tuneage, yet feel that there are an overwhelming amount of blogs run by psychotic music wizs who seem to take their taste in music a little too seriously. (Understatement, much?)

Well no worries, because we have arrived.

We’ll post all of the songs we currently can’t get enough of, and we think are worth listening to; we’ll tell you what we like and what we don’t like. And here’s the best part: you can feel free to disagree! We won’t kill you for it, and are, in fact, interested, especially since we don’t know where you live and can’t get our hands on a gun (jk, jk).
And updates won’t be scarce, we promise.

Because we’re pretty sure there’s enough music out there for at least one song a day.

– Kmi&Ady

Long Live Music

Long Live Music


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