Ady’s Profile

This has got to be the most difficult profile to fill out EVER: no indications of putting your favorite activities, quotes, movies or twitters (whatever the hell those may be). I am left stranded, on a cyberland lost at digital sea, alone with a blank canvas.

As evidenced by the absolute crap I just wrote, I tend to be overdramatic: I am, in fact, someone with an overactive imagination that I unleash in reality through ink and paper. Yes, I am one of those incredibly banal species: the adolescent writer-as-a-hobby.

I find that what differentiates me from others, in particular in this little duo, is that  I’m the more alternative and underground: there are certainly quite a few bands and songs that I listen to that aren’t exactly palatable. I find, however, that my taste is still very eclectic: from A.R. Rahman to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I like to listen to just about everything. That’s why, in fact, this blog is here: to talk, to brag, and to rant about  my taste and our taste, and the way we’re attuned (pun intended) to the world.

To conclude with less tedious wittiness, these are a few of my favorite things (reference being intentional):

color: purple

book: Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

actor/muse: Harry J. Treadaway

show: Meadowlands

movie: The History Boys.

and voila.



One Response to “Ady’s Profile”

  1. BABY PAKISTAN !! Hey. So this is it huh? I LOVE it. NICE JOB 😀
    I WILL BE STALKING THIS WEBSITE. haha just so you know =P

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