Kmi’s Profile

I suppose my dozens of male celebrity crushes and intensive Gossip Girl séances make me oh-so-unspecial.

And I really am, truth be told.

But one thing I enjoy more than life is music, so I figured : why not share ?

I have been stuck  in fucked up music situations many times; I have had nothing to listen to. And that is a terrible, terrible problem. It makes me feel empty. All my songs I had heard much too many times, and I couldn’t discover anything new that I liked even a tiny bit.

I hope that never happens to you – I mean, seriously. That’s the point of this blog. Always have something to listen to, and always let it be a song you like. Really, don’t listen to terrible music. That’s like mental torture, and it gives the worst headaches. Anyone who tried to listen to the Hamster Song for more than 3 minutes will agree with me. And if you have never done that, well don’t. Trust me.


All there is to know about me is this : on the one hand, I’m the typical adolescent. On the other, I will listen to any kind of music. And I will share any kind of good music I find with you. I might as well  solemnly swear I am up to no good, but I suppose I shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this little video, and ¡ baila el chiki chiki !


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